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Make a voice call
  • curl -X POST https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<your_sid>/Calls/connect \
    -d "From=XXXXX30240" \
    -d "To=XXXXX85175" \
    -d "CallerId=0XXXX474890"
  • var request = require('request');
    var dataString = 'From=XXXXX30240&To=XXXXX85175&CallerId=0XXXX474890';
    var options = {
        url: 'https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<your_sid>/Calls/connect',
        method: 'POST',
        body: dataString
    function callback(error, response, body) {
        if (!error && response.statusCode == 200) {
    request(options, callback);
  • <?php
    $headers = array();
    $data = array(
        'From' => 'XXXXX30240',
        'To' => 'XXXXX85175',
        'CallerId' => '0XXXX474890'
    $response = Requests::post('https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<your_sid>/Calls/connect', $headers, $data);
  • import requests
    data = {
      'From': 'XXXXX30240',
      'To': 'XXXXX85175',
      'CallerId': '0XXXX474890'
    requests.post('https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<your_sid>/Calls/connect', data=data)
  • require 'net/http'
    require 'uri'
    uri = URI.parse("https://<your_api_key>:<your_api_token>@api.exotel.com/v1/Accounts/<your_sid>/Calls/connect")
    request = Net::HTTP::Post.new(uri)
      "From" => "XXXXX30240",
      "To" => "XXXXX85175",
      "CallerId" => "0XXXX474890",
    req_options = {
     use_ssl: uri.scheme == "https",
    response = Net::HTTP.start(uri.hostname, uri.port, req_options) do |http|
    # response.code
    # response.body

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