This is a bulk API, which can create one or more contacts. The contacts created with this API gets added to the Campaigns Addressbook and can only be used in Campaigns. These contacts can be used to create a List using the ‘Campaign – Lists’ APIs.

* Body

Create a POST body content as provided in API Doc. Each contact can have following parameters:

number (mandatory), first_name, last_name, company_name, email, tag & custom.

number (mandatory)- The phone number of the contact that will be called in a campaign. It should be in E.164 format. If not set, our system will try to match it with a country and make a call. If landline number, prefix it with STD code; Ex: 0XXXXXX2400

first_name (optional) – The first name of the contact

last_name (optional) – The last name of the contact

company_name(optional) – The company name of the contact

email(optional) – The email ID of the contact

tag(optional) – The tag with which this contact will be associated with

custom(optional) – Custom field to allow you to pass any number of key value pairs in JSON format

Response Content Type