This API will first call the From number, and once they pick up the phone, it will connect them to a call flow (aka applet) that you have created in the system – like your landing app, or any other app that can play a greeting, have IVR, etc. For more details on setting up your flow, please refer Appplet documentation. An HTTP POST request is made to

* From

The phone number that will be called first. Preferably in E.164 format. If not set, our system will try to match it with a country and make a call. If landline number, prefix it with STD code; Ex: 0XXXXXX2400

* CallerId

This is your ExoPhone (pick one from here)

* Url
formData{your_sid}/exoml/start_voice/{app_id} where app_id is the identifier of the flow (or applet) that you want to connect to once the From number picks up the call. You can get the app_id from your Exotel Dashboard

* CallType

trans – for Transactional Calls

* TimeLimit

The time limit (in seconds) that you want this call to last. The call will be cut after this time

* TimeOut

The time (in seconds) to ring the called parties (both first and second call leg)

* StatusCallback

When the call completes, an HTTP POST will be made to the provided URL with the following four parameters:

CallSid – an alpha-numeric unique identifier
Status – one of: completed, failed, busy, no-answer
RecordingUrl – link to the call recording (if it exists)
DateUpdated – time when the call state was updated last

* CustomField

Any application specific value that will be passed back as a parameter while doing a GET request to the URL mentioned in your Passthru Applet or Greetings Applet.

Response Content Type