This API allows you to update all the parameters of a campaign that has not started. Campaign details can be updated before send_at time is passed. Once send_at time is passed only action, status_callback, call_status_callback and call_schedule_callback can be updated.

* ID

campaign id

* Body

All Campaign parameters can be updated. Edit the parameter you want to update.

from– Comma seperated list of phone numbers that will be called. Preferably in E.164 format

lists– Array of listSid. Up to 5 listSid can be part of one single campaign.

caller_id– This is your ExoPhone

url– Call flow url (http://my.exotel.com/{your_sid}/exoml/start_voice/{app_id} where app_id is the identifier of the flow)

name– Name of the campaign

type– Value “trans’ for transactional.  As per regulations, we support only transactional type of campaigns

call_duplicate_numbers– Allowed Values: ‘true’ & ‘false’

retries– Object;Retry logic in case the calls are not successful.

      number_of_retries – The number of times a call to a phone number should be attempted. Default is 0 and        max is 3.

      interval_mins – The time interval between retries in mins. Mandatory when number_of_retries is                      specified

      mechanism – either “Linear” or “Exponential”. If the retry should be equally spaced or exponentially. 

on_status – Array; Determines when should a campaign treat a call as an unsuccessful attempt. Could be “busy”, “no-answer”, “failed”

schedule– Array; Determines when to start and end a campaign in RFC 3339 date-time

      send_at – Time when the campaign should start.

      end_at – Time when the campaign should end even if all calls are not attempted as part of the campaign. 

call_status_callback– When the call completes, an HTTP POST will be made to the provided URL 

call_schedule_callback– When all calls to a number were completed including retries, an HTTP POST will be made to the provided URL

status_callback– When the call campaign starts or ends, an HTTP POST will be made to the provided URL

custom_field– Any application specific value that will be passed back as a parameter while doing a GET request to the URL mentioned in your Passthru Applet or Greetings Applet.

Response Content Type