Creates an authentication token for the specified entity - customer or app. The token can be used to authenticate future requests to the integrations platform. The entity id and secret are required to create the token.



  • Replace <subdomain> with the region of your account
    1. <subdomain> of Singapore cluster is @api.exotel.com

You can use our official postman collection to try out the APIs.


The following are the POST parameters:

Parameter Name Mandatory/Optional Value
Id Mandatory ID of the entity - customer/app.
expire_in Optional

The duration(seconds) after which the short URL becomes invalid.
Minimum is 60 seconds and default is 31 days. max. value is  365 days

tracking Optional

Whether to track the short URL click. Can be: "true" or "false". "ShortenUrl" needs to be "true" for Tracking to work.



curl -X GET 
  -H 'content-type: application/json'
    "RequestId": "f4f76061-3c01-410e-be49-55a17049cf35",
    "Status": "Success",
    "Code": 200,
    "Error": "",
    "Data": "OTlmYTk4YTEtMmNlMC00NTdjLTkzNzEtMGQzYTAxZWI2ZWYw"

Status Codes

The status codes are as follows - 

Status Code



Token created successfully.


Bad request. Check the input parameters.


Unauthorized. Check the entity id and secret.


Internal server error. There was an issue creating the token.