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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls over the internet. Over the last decade, India has undergone a digital revolution – more people & businesses (than ever before) now have access to high-quality internet. This has made it possible for businesses to use VoIP as a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional customer communication systems like landlines or PBX.

About VOIP Calling

Global Contact Centre(VOIP-PSTN intermix) - For International customers via International Virtual/Toll Free number. The VOIP-PSTN intermix gives you the flexibility to route the calls on the agent's mobile/landline number or the Softphone. 

This comes handy in case the agents have internet connectivity issues while on the go, and they can switch to PSTN mode so that they don’t miss any call.


  • Multi Level IVR - Personalize customer communication & automate tasks with Exotel’s smart IVR.
  • Call Transfers - Transfer calls to the right department/agent within the click of a button.
  • Conditional Call routing - Automatically forward calls based on pre-set conditions.
  • Live agent’s dashboard - Track and monitor agents’ activities in real-time.
  • Country specific virtual Numbers - Use regional numbers from multiple countries for making and receiving calls.
  • Well Documented API’s - Leverage Exotel’s powerful APIs for powering your calls and SMSs.

Flow Diagram

Step 1: Adding agents to the Dashboard
Each agent will be provided with a unique SIP ID which needs to be mapped with the softphone. Alternatively, agents can also use their numbers to take the call.

Note: Admin can define the control access for non-admin users.

Step 2: Call Flow-VN mapping
Once the call flow is created in the app store it needs to be assigned to the number available in Virtual numbers options. You can purchase Country specific virtual numbers from the available options.

Step 3: Installation of Softphone
Install Linphone/Zoiper app on your device(Desktop/smartphone) and map agents SIP ID with the softphone. You can download the Linphone app from the link below.

Video link(Linphone)

Mobile App

Step 4: Make/Receive Calls
You can now initiate outbound calls via call button on Exotel’s Dashboard where you get connected to your customer via the softphone app.
Similarly, inbound calls on the VN will be routed to an agent softphone app or number, based on the call flow.

Agents will also receive a pop-up in case of inbound calls.

Step 5: Live Agent and Call monitoring
Admin/Supervisor can monitor their agent’s calls & performance.

Step 6: Reports
Call logs can be downloaded from the report section.

Case Study


SKYNET, one of the leading local carrier companies in Malaysia, established since 1992 in providing Domestic and International carrier services with more than 80 stations at strategic locations in Malaysia. They offer following Services Custom Brokerage Warehousing & Fulfilment Freight Forwarding, etc.


Problem Statement

  1. Due to Covid-19 restrictions it was difficult for them to manage their calls via on-premise set-up
  2. Their calls were handled by a third party company hence they were not able to monitor the calls and generate reports.

Cloud based contact centre solution wherein their representatives can take the calls working from home via the softphone and the admin can track the calls through the dashboard.

Benefits of VOIP Solution

  • Cost effective solution
  • Better call connectivity than PSTN
  • Easy to scale
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Tracking & Monitoring for quality control
  • Zero infrastructure Investment


  • Cost optimization
  • Remote Work environment
  • Call monitoring
  • Internal call Routing
  • Scalable
  • Easy to set-up- Self Served

Industry Application

VoIP based contact centre is a great alternative to the traditional PBX based Call centre.


  • Edu-Tech
  • BFSI
  • BPO
  • Global Convergence to a single point for MNC and Startups.(Calls from multiple countries can land at single point)
  • Intercom(can easily replace EPBX used in Manufacturing plants, Refineries,Hospitals, etc)



There are five SKUs under which costs of Lead Assist solution is charged:

  • User & Virtual Number Rentals: This is monthly fixed charge for availing the Exotel's services
  • Call Charges: Calls on the softphone legs are free. PSTN legs are charged as per rate card.
  • Additional Feature Charges: Call Transfer, SMS.

Last modified Date

December 20th, 2021