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Listen – Whisper – Barge Feature helps the supervisors perform monitor action on an ongoing call. The Monitor may listen to the call or whisper (heard only by the agent ) or  barge in to the call (heard by both the parties agent and customer). 

This document describes the implementation and description of the google sheet functions  helping to integrate the sheet with Exotel call flow for incoming calls.  

This is useful for monitoring incoming calls, small businesses do not need to get their tech involved for this.



  • Configuration of call flow 
  • Subscribed to Exotel Account to obtain the below details for authentication of API:  
    • API Key  
    • API Token 
    • Account Sid

How It Works

  • Create a call flow - For an incoming call flow please ensure to configure the passthru applet before the connect  applet i.e, a passthru applet- to capture the incoming call detail, followed by a connect applet to connect to the agents.
    Using the Passthru applet in the call flow you can get Exotel to talk to the google sheet and  pass on details about the call as and when it happens. G-sheet (or google sheet) can now  process this information. This applet helps to dynamically control the flow as well as store  the call details in the sheets. Using this information, further functions are performed to use the LWB feature.
  • The LWB G-sheet file consists of three sheets.
    • Sheet 1 – Call Details: To Capture the call data received from the Passthru applet
    • Sheet 2 – Functions : Enables you to comprehend the status of the call when the call sid is  entered and select the desired function to be performed i.e, Listen the call, Whisper or Barge.
    • Sheet 3 – Processing Sheet: From the call SID provided in the second sheet- Functions, , the logic extracts the leg sid i.e the sid of the customer and the agent.  The monitor’s phone number is also to be entered in this sheet under the column ‘ Number to  call’. The system will connect to the provided number as the third person on call.


  1. Exophones: Virtual Numbers 
  2. Webhook: A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an  app to provide other applications with real-time information. 
  3. Call sid: an alpha-numeric unique identifier of the call 
  4. Leg: A call connection from Exotel to a number or from a number to Exotel is called  ‘a leg’

Example and Code

You can find the sample sheet with the integration here.

Code to implement this here.

Contributed By:

    Aizadh Ateebh

Last modified Date

October 19th, 2022