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Businesses with an app on the Play Store or App store often struggle to get genuine users to signup.

So, in an attempt to attract only authentic users to their apps, many businesses have started offering referral credits and signup bonuses, especially in fintech. And as an added layer of security, these companies rely on verification channels like SMS OTP to authenticate the users during signups and logins.

While SMS OTPs have worked traditionally, but given the rise in fraudulent activities, it lacks the required security and UX to fight today’s security threats.

This is where ExoVerify’s nOTP solution comes to the rescue. With this revolutionary solution, Exotel tries to resolve both the security and UX challenges associated with SMS OTP in the most economical manner. And the good news is, you don’t have to completely say goodbye to your old buddy - SMS OTP.

Our ExoVerify solution comes packed with SMS OTP for people who still prefer the traditional approach and want to keep it as a backup mechanism in their verification process.

Who is it for?

  • Last-Mile Delivery Executives (Drivers/Delivery Agents) and 3PL Businesses
    • Integrate driver-side apps with nOTP and verify your drivers every day when they start work to ensure your customer’s goods are in the right hands.
    • With ExoVerify’s nOTP product, you ensure that only a registered driver/agent can verify himself through your app using the Verification Confirmation WebHook feature in ExoVerify. 
    • You can also verify the drivers silently in the background without even asking the driver to log out every day. This enhances the user’s verification experience without compromising security.
  • Fin-Tech Apps:
    • nOTP protects fraudulent signups in the fintech apps through  Device and SIM binding. This means users are only verified when their SIM is on the same device as their app. Their verification gets rejected if the app and SIM are found to be on two separate devices.
    • Weed out malicious numbers with the Verification Confirmation WebHook feature in ExoVerify. This feature cross-checks any incoming requests with your personal database of malicious numbers and blocks them before they can do any damage.
    • Our SDK and StatusCallBack Webhook make sure your users are always double-checked for accuracy, providing verification from both the front end and back end.
  • Cab Aggregators
    • Verify your riders and drivers as often as you need. Using Device and SIM Binding allow only registered driver to verify themself and ensures your customers are riding with the allotted driver partners.

It is just as applicable to the Gaming Industry and other industries with an driver/agent/service-provider/employee only App. 


  • An active Exotel account (with KYC verification)
  • An nOTP/SMS OTP app created on the ExoVerify portal


  • Cost-effective
  • Seamless user experience 
  • One hit verification process (automatic backup mechanisms)
  • Higher success rates

Offerings Under ExoVerify:

  • nOTP
    • nOTP is a missed-call-based solution - the future of mobile number verification. It is a seamless and cost-effective solution that helps businesses verify users securely and quickly while providing a rich UX. 
      • Click here to get an overview of nOTP
      • Click here to get the technical details of the nOTP
      • Click here to access the ExoVerify portal and start integrating
    • SMS OTP is the traditional and time-tested approach in verifying end-users and validating transactions on fin-tech and banking apps. ExoVerify ensures OTPs that comply with your requirements(length, type, and TTL) are sent and validated securely, offloading the need to keep any intermediate server at your end to generate and manage OTPs. It also ensures that the SMS is sent in a highly reliable manner with low latencies.
      • Click here to get an overview on SMS OTP
      • Click here to get the API specs of the SMS OTP
      • Click here to access the ExoVerify portal and start integrating
  • Orchestration
    • Orchestration is a new launch that ensures backup verification kicks in automatically when the first choice of verification fails (with additional action/input). It works seamlessly with nOTP and SMS OTP, with one being the backup for the other. It comes in a rich API & SDK version.
      • Click here to see how to create a Verification Journey with Orchestration
      • Click here to download and access the Orchestration SDK




Contributed By:

    Pranav Suresh

    Avnish Gupta

Last modified Date

February 26th, 2023