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Tele-Token is the simplest way to book an appointment and get confirmation as Tokens. For end customers to visit the Store or Service Center, booking appointments and getting confirmation via Token about time slots and other details is crucial these days to maintain social distance and manage time. This solution allows the end user/customer to make a call to a store or service center published number to book an appointment for visit.

This simplifies the end user experience and help store or service centers and brands to preplan the resources and derive the necessary action plans for better customer experience and smooth store and service center operations

Exotel's platform and APIs are simple, fast and best for achieving the Tele-Token solution.


  • An Active Exotel account
  • Exophone should be purchased by Store/Service Centers/Brands
  • API Endpoints of Store/Service Center/Brands CRM for slots management and  allocations.

Flow Diagram

How It Works

  • Store/Service Center/Brands display the number which can be used to book an appointment
  • Customer will make a call to the Number
  • Number(Exophone) is mapped to the AppBazar App in Exotel
  • App flow is will get executed 
  • The customer/caller details will be passed to API Endpoint of Store/Service Center/Brands to check and return available slots
  • Caller/customer will confirm(Gather) the slot and the same is pushed to API Endpoint of Store/Service Center/Brands to block the slot.
  • Caller/customer will get notified via SMS about blocked slot details.
  • On the slot confirmed day(Visit day) caller/customer to be asked to confirm the visit via outbound call(reminder+confirmation call).
  • Post customer visit to Store/Service Center, customer asked to rate the Visit with feedback via outbound call or SMS

Case Study

Authorized Service Center Case Study

The Authorized Service center plays an important role in the consumer’s integration with the brand.Most of the service centers have manual or paper based token generation systems to manage queues and service priorities. These mechanisms are not scalable, real time, not connected.

Here the Brands are completely unaware of what is happening at their service centers, number of telephone enquiries, number of visits confirmations, customer feedback etc.

Tele-token gives visibility about Service Centers walkins and helps Brands and Service Centers to plan themselves for better service opportunity to customers.

  • Simple and easy to on board service partners, no external hardware required
  • Brands get real time visibility of service center walkins and feedbacks
  • Provides great customer experience through tele engagement channel
  • Support for API integration to brands existing CRMs/ERP systems 


For Store/Service Centers/Brands
  • No additional Infrastructure
  • Platform Reliability
  • Cost Effective and scalable
  • App less set-up
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Customizable Apps from AppBazar
  • Visibility to plan the operations and resources
  • Queue Management with Social Distance
  • Great Customer Experience
For Customers
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Download of apps not required
  • No need of Internet
  • Better planning and time utilization.

Industry Application

Tele-Token can be used in many industry lines like

  • Service Industry
    • Laptop/Mobile Service Center
    • Bike/Car Service Center
    • And many more
  • Sales Industry
    • Showroom/Store Visit Bookings
    • And many more
  • Hospitals
    • Book Appointment for Doctor Visits
  • Hotels/Restaurants
    • For booking Tables


Last modified Date

December 19th, 2021