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For e-commerce and logistic customers, once their orders are delivered to the customers, they want to take feedback for their orders. They will schedule a call campaign to their customers, and get feedback from them. They collect these feedbacks to improve their service, and the agent performance activities as well.

As of now, the customers are using IVR flow to collect these feedbacks, however due to the current telecom infra setup we have in our country, the digits are not getting captured as expected. So, we are proposing a solution based on WhatsApp(in addition to IVR flow) to get the feedback from the end users as most of the users are using WhatsApp and it is easy for us to get the feedback from them.



1) An active Exotel account.

2) Exophone should be purchased to the account

3) Create a WhatsApp Business API account with Exotel

3) API Endpoints of Store/Service Center/Brands CRM for the details to be pushed.

Flow Diagram

How It Works

  1. We should have a standard template for the feedback with the variables as company name, user details, date (on which day the service was rendered). Refer the template guidelines provided by WhatsApp and check the sample template from online.
  2. Create a WhatsApp SMS campaign with all the details.
  3. Generate a report of the responses shared by the user. The report is similar to the call report, here it should have the headers as SMSSid, Account, DateCreated, SmsType, From, To, Status, Price, Digits


There are three SKUs under which costs of solution is charged:

  • Software Rentals: This is a monthly fixed charge for availing the Exotel’s services
  • Exophone Charges: Each Exophone will be charged at fixed/flat price based on the count of Exophones
  • WhatsApp Charges

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November 3rd, 2023