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Can I pick calls from the computer via softphone?


Yes, with a softphone you can place and receive calls on your desktop from anywhere.

Can one user purchase multiple ExoNumbers?



Why is call masking necessary?


This is an especially serious and important question for E‐commerce, Logistics, Cabs on-demand, and Marketplace models of business. These are verticals where the customer’s phone number needs to be shared with the delivery person, a driver, a vendor, etc.

Therefore, in order to safeguard both the customers’ as well as the agents’ privacy, implementing a call masking solution is a must. Download our free whitepaper on Number Masking to get complete details.

Additionally, a big plus point for the businesses is that all the conversations will happen only on their platform, and they get complete control over the call data. 

Learn how businesses are moving their customer communication to the cloud

I have an App based appointment booking system. How can I use a tele-token solution ?


  • Tele-token can be used as another channel to book appointments
  • Exotel api can integrate with App based appointment booking system to in sync with it

Do we have to pay for Virtual Numbers used in the Lead Assist GreenVN solution?


  • For the Lead Assist GreenVN solution, there are no charges for Virtual Numbers associated with your account pool.
  • However, if the account is being used for some other use case, with Virtual Number(s) apart from Lead Assist VN Pool, those Virtual Numbers will be charged as monthly rental

Do we need to register with DLT to send SMS?


Yes, you should have all the DLT parameters such as Template, Template ID, Entity ID, Header ID etc.

How many Exophones should I get?


We are available in 11 different Telecom circles. You can get either 1 or 2 numbers from each circle

How long does it take to build a monitoring dashboard?


It completely depends on your tech team efforts. We typically see our customers integrating in 2 - 4 weeks.

I’m not able to make Outbound calls in Zoho Integration. What’s the reason?


  • Please check if click to call is enabled in the integrations page of both Zoho CRM/Bigin or  Zoho Desk.
  • Please check if the number of the user entered on the page of both Zoho CRM/Bigin or Zoho Desk is the same. 
  • Please check if the KYC is completed in your account.
  • Please check if you have credits in your Exotel account.

How can I get the call metadata for a call between two parties for an active allocation?


  • Real Time Push: Using Events Callbacks, Lead Assist pushes the call data to the client endpoint (webhook) as soon as the call gets over. It is an account level setting, which can be configured at the time of Lead Assist enablement or later on request. 
  • Pull using GET API: If you have CallSID for a particular call, the details can be fetched using GET Call API