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Showing 38 Results
  • Lead Assist is an account level feature and need to be enabled on request either to your account manager or by writing to
  • Lead Assist API credentials are different from your default API credentials
  • Real Time Push: Using Events Callbacks, Lead Assist pushes the call data to the client endpoint (webhook) as soon as the call gets over. It is an account level setting, which can be configured at the time of Lead Assist enablement or later on request. 
  • Pull using GET API: If you have CallSID for a particular call, the details can be fetched using GET Call API
  • At the service level, the default maximum allocation duration is set as 170 days
  • At the account level, this value can be configured from as low as five minutes until 170 days
  • Update Party Numbers & Pin API - Following parameters can be updated using this API:
    1. A-party numbers
    2. B-party numbers
    3. A-party pins
    4. B-party pins
    5. Usage (can be changed from one-way to two-way and vice versa)
  • Update GreenVN API - This API allows updating GreenVN in an existing active allocation. While placing the request for the new VN, the number and the region can also be provided as a preference. If requested, without a request body, the Lead Assist system will allocate an available number from the VN pool.
  • For the Lead Assist GreenVN solution, there are no charges for Virtual Numbers associated with your account pool.
  • However, if the account is being used for some other use case, with Virtual Number(s) apart from Lead Assist VN Pool, those Virtual Numbers will be charged as monthly rental