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This is an especially serious and important question for E‐commerce, Logistics, Cabs on-demand, and Marketplace models of business. These are verticals where the customer’s phone number needs to be shared with the delivery person, a driver, a vendor, etc.

Therefore, in order to safeguard both the customers’ as well as the agents’ privacy, implementing a call masking solution is a must. Download our free whitepaper on Number Masking to get complete details.

Additionally, a big plus point for the businesses is that all the conversations will happen only on their platform, and they get complete control over the call data. 

Learn how businesses are moving their customer communication to the cloud

Following are some of the popular use-cases of phone number masking:

  • Cab aggregators: Connect drivers and riders without revealing the rider’s phone number. Read how Ola does it.
  • E-commerce, Logistics, and Food Delivery: Connect delivery agent and customer without revealing either party’s phone numbers. Read how Swiggy does it.
  • BFSI: Connect relationship managers and customers while protecting their privacy.
  • Healthcare: Connect patients and doctors for teleconsultation. Read how Netmeds does it.
  • Education: Connect teachers and parents while safeguarding their privacy

We store the recordings for 6 months. It is recommended to download the recordings to your DB

Call masking is a cloud-based call privacy solution that is used by businesses to safeguard their customers’ privacy.

Used mostly by E-commerce, cab aggregator, and food delivery companies, a call masking solution makes use of Voice APIs and a pool of temporary virtual numbers to connect the customers and the agents, all without revealing the actual phone numbers to each other.

Learn more about phone number masking through our whitepaper here.

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