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We do not have any channel restrictions. Depending on the resources available to you at your end, you can technically receive unlimited concurrent calls.

A virtual phone number has no physical phone line associated with it. Think of them as phone numbers with intelligence that can be used to manage calls the way you want.

We have a different plan for SMS-only use-case. Contact sales for plans or get started with our free trial and we will get in touch with the plans.

Yes, you should have all the DLT parameters such as Template, Template ID, Entity ID, Header ID etc.


The call connected via the virtual number to a cellular/landline number.

  • Scenario 1 - Incoming call landing on a cellular/landline number.
  • Scenario 2 - An outbound call made on a cellular/landline number via softphone

We promise an uptime percentage of 99.9% for the APIs.

Yes, with a softphone you can place and receive calls on your desktop from anywhere.

Softphones are endpoints with a SIP client installed on them. This enables communication using SIP. This software can be installed on a mobile phone or a PC and you can use it to receive incoming calls as well as dial the outgoing SIP calls.