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Showing 18 Results

Smart Messaging

Smart Messaging is a way to send messages in a smarter way to reach customers using link tracking . We can track if the links on the SMSes have been clicked or not, and based on that Exotel can smartly trigger SMSes and Whatsapp messages on the tenant’s behalf (or tenant themselves can trigger them) to remind the end customer.

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Tele-Token is the simplest way to book an appointment and get confirmation as Tokens. End customers can use this for booking appointments and getting confirmation via Token before visiting the Store or Service Center

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Call Monitoring Visualization For Sales, Support & Campaign Performance

An easy plug-n-play reporting solution for call reports on Exotel to monitor sales, support and campaign performance. This solution saves time and helps leaders to track calls, derive more insights from call data to improve efficiency

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Business Monitoring Dashboard Using Bulk Call Details API & Heartbeat API

Get an extensive understanding of how a Exotel call details APIs & monitoring APIs can solve the business performance measurement problem in Industry

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Global Contact Center Solution

VoIP for businesses is a viable, cost-effective alternative to traditional customer communication systems like landlines or PBX

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